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Cutting Shapes – Quality Profiles at Competitive Prices – Quickly !

Flame cutting – often also called flame profiling,oxyacetylene cutting,gas cutting or metal burning is a very effective way to cut and shape carbon and alloy steel plate.

In addition to being experts on lighter plate, our technicians regularly cut varying thicknesses of wear plate including Hardox / Abro up to 150mm.

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Proper flame cutting performed by skilled technicians results in a smooth burn and a cut edge which is square within ½ to 1 degree to the surface of the plate. A number of variables will determine the exact outcome including the size and design of the cutting tip, pressure and volume of the gases,

speed of the cut and thickness and grade of the material. However,the skill and experience of the operator is vital in achieving optimum results and we have many years of experience in delivering the highest quality of profiled components using this technology.

In addition, we always fully fettle and finish each work piece.

We are happy to work from a sketch, an idea, a photo or a drawing and will take the project fully forward to deliver you high quality profiled finished components or profile blanks in quantities or as one – offs for specialised applications



Our typical delivery time is 2 to 3 days but we can offer same day or next collection service if required.

We hold a range of S275 and S355 grade materials in stock with relevant test certificates and can source all other grades in 2 days or less.
Let us quote you for any profiling needs which you have – we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work and our service.

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